Join me as I explore a world of interests from a “Retired in an RV” perspective.

I am Betzcee, a retired sixty-something who for the past year has been living in a  thirty-three foot fifth-wheel trailer with my husband and an eight-year-old West Highland terrier.

The decision to sell our home and belongings and move into a rolling box was both the craziest and most sane thing we ever did. On the crazy side, we never had much chance to go camping or RVing  in our forty-plus years together, so did not fully know what we were getting into. On the sane side, we had been struggling with mortgage payments and other financial burdens, and knew exactly what we were getting out of. Happily, it turned out to be a good move, and we have no plans to set down roots any time soon.

We are Canadian by birth and by allegiance, but have joined the flocks of snowbirds who habitually travel South in the autumn and North in the spring. In my past life I have been a teacher, registered nurse, wife, mother, daughter, sister, grandmother and unashamed (though not, I hope, rabid) fan of Diana Gabaldon’s Outlander novels, as well as All things Harry Potter. In the last year I have been able to add the title of great grandma to that list. My interests have always centred around my home: quilting, sewing, cooking, reading, crafts. When I moved into the trailer we call Wilma, I wasn’t sure how many of these I would be able to continue, but I took steps to ensure I had the chance to try. I exchanged my full-sized appliances for smaller versions, reserved a cupboard for favourite books, became familiar with e-books and held on to my sewing machine like a toddler clings to its mother at daycare. I am pleased to report that there are very few of my former activities that I have not been able to continue. In fact I can’t think of a one.

I look forward to meandering through these and many interests and welcome your company on the journey.

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  1. Catherine! is is so good to see your name! I think of you often and of our trip of a few years ago. One of the years soon I will visit you in the US-SW. I did retire in February and I can add “almost grandma” to my name. I must wait until February for it to be official! I will be in touch. Love you all, claire


    • Great to hear from you too, Claire, and congrats on your near-Grandma status! Let’s continue our correspondence via email, though I love that you checked out my blog. Don’t forget to follow it for regular updates!


  2. Love the name of your blog first of all… And loved also yr post from today..and the recipe too.

    I must admit I too love coffee without stuff… And chillies too!



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  5. Betzcee-I was just on your post and saw my nomination! Thank You! You are a doll and make me smile broadly! 🙂 I secretly need your help so I will meet you in the commons. Hah! No, really.


    • Why thank you, Sandi! I surely appreciate the honour and the recognition. While lengthy and time-consuming, I found the questions posed to be thought-provoking as well. I am happy to accept the award and its challenges. Watch for it!

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  6. Hi Betzcee, you have a great blog and its commendable what you are accomplishing in your life. You are an inspiration. Have a great day. 🙂


  7. The new site is great, Cath. Sorry I’m slow connecting. Still having iPad issues and I’m not so adventurous with it. Blog on …


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