Why am I Here?


Why indeed? To start with, I have to admit that I love an audience. I love to talk, and live in a fifth wheel trailer with my very hard-of-hearing husband, so the internet becomes my frequent sounding board. I do enjoy my own company, and have other hobbies and pursuits, but the need to communicate with others is always there. I also have a great love of the written language, and take joy in expressing myself and hearing others do likewise.
My topics for this blog will vary with my interests of the moment, but will include quilting and other crafts, RV living, and both the preparation and consumption/enjoyment of food. I would dearly love to connect with folks with similar interests, especially those with some expertise to share, as my love of crafting and cooking far outstrip my proficiency. I also hope to hear from those with some writing skill as I develop my online presence.
In a year’s time, I am hopeful that I will have a following of folks who enjoy my input and sense of humour, and who are willing to share the same with me.

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