Small Comfort


Small Comfort will appear as a weekly feature, not necessarily on Thursday. This week, we will begin on the day that it is: Thursday.

In this feature I will briefly  highlight a few of those very many little things that brighten my life and make me go, “Aaaahhh!” or even, ” Oooohhhhh!” or “Aaaww!” You know the ones. Fleeting things, sometimes, they always leave an imprint to remember them by.


This week’s small pleasures include yogurt. I know, I eat it almost daily, but have recently been concocting my own in my little propane oven with its trusty pilot light that stays the right temperature all night so that I can wake up to creamy, yogurty goodness in the morning. A deep, narrow bowl, my old wire strainer and a coffee filter, and we then have that goodness concentrated down and ready to eat with granola and sliced banana. Or spread on a cracker. Or mix with herbs for dip. Or slather on a baked potato. Or what have you.

Other things that made me happy this week were dinner with my grandson, who is celebrating his nineteenth birthday, yet insisted on treating us this time. It was also a delight to get to know the lovely lady in his life a bit better.

Coffee with a dear friend.

A fine social game of Mexican Train with some good friends.

My cozy alpaca socks on a chilly morning.

The indescribable blue of the sky on a crisp October day.

This feature was begun in response to a  Blogging 101 challenge, and to the inspiration of anewlifewandering, who set up the event for any who would like to participate.

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