Friday’s Small Comfort #9: Important Stuff

Yesterday I was asked what five items I would save from my burning home, assuming all people and pets were safe. On first reflex, it seemed like a no brainer: my photographs and my passport. I thought some more about the fact that my photos are in four different locations: my tablet, my laptop, an external hard drive, and an accordion file in a box under my bed. Even considering that no two of these collections harbours the same photos, four batches of pictures plus my passport equals five, so there you are.

While the above mathematical calculation is correct, that box under the bed also contains some useful and  tedious-to-impossible-to-replace information regarding our tax returns, bank accounts and medical prescriptions, in addition to a motley collection of just stuff. Even the sewing machine can be replaced. However, my little brain kept telling me that I simply must save my current unfinished craft projects, along with as much fabric and other craft/sewing supplies as possible. And my jewellery box. While I do not own any monetarily valuable pieces, I do have a few items once owned by beloved family members. These pieces, like their former owners, are irreplaceable.

I know I do not want to live with my stuff packed and stored in tripping-over position by the door, so I need to look at reorganising. One large plastic tub will hold the hard-copy photos, important jewellery and files (including the passports), with the spaces filled in with fabric. A second, larger one will contain my baskets, beading projects and more fabric and sewing notions, Oh, and my red shoes, and my awesome boots. These two steamer trunks plus the laptop, tablet and hard drive will make up my five. I also know that all electrical and propane connections will be checked and maintained, and smoke and CO2 detectors as well.

What five things would you save from your burning home? Remember, all your people and pets are already safe.

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