The Tortukshuk Horoscope for October, 2014



Those born under the sign of the Tortukshuk will have a month filled with happy reunions and bittersweet partings. While it may seem that resources are scarce, there will always be enough if you choose your activities wisely and revel in relationships rather than consumption. You will grow closer to loved ones as you share common concerns and goals.

Animals will figure strongly throughout the month, but more strongly in the last week. Health may be a concern, especially if you own pets, but nothing serious will result.

You will enjoy opportunities to learn skills previously not imagined, and literacy looms large. Travel is also in your future near the end of the month.

Be watchful of your diet, and take advantage of the lovely natural setting in which you find yourself by getting out and walking with a friend.

This post is in response to a daily prompt, building on yesterday’s prompt.

3 thoughts on “The Tortukshuk Horoscope for October, 2014

  1. I realise I should have referenced yesterday’s post Custom Zodiac: Tortukshuk to avoid this confusion. I will do that right away, but in the meantime, the Tortukshuk is the result of a daily prompt challenging us to invent a new Zodiac sign for people born near our own birthday, and based solely on lour selves. I blended two symbols with personal meaning for me: Tortoise and Inukshuk. Both have relevance to travellers, of which I am one, and both embody qualities to which I aspire. For more info, see yesterday’s post.


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