Custom Zodiac: Tortukshuk


Tasked with creating a new zodiac sign for people born around my birthday, based on myself, I believe I have just the thing. Though no celestial constellation has ever been accused of resembling my new sign, I am sure that some heavy staring at the heavens and som imagination can conjure something like it.

My sign is a blending of two symbols:

I have always had an affinity for tortoises and their relatives, the turtles. Both these animals make strong appearances in mythology of varying cultures, and they are believed to represent, among other qualities, steadfastness, wisdom, patience and longevity.

The Inukshuk, used widely by ancient and recent polar civilisations, is a man-shaped structure built from unformed rocks as a guidepost in the wild. It represents strength in unity, community, guidance for travellers and communication.

I have named the the new sign Tortukshuk, and for me and others born around October 19, it brings all the qualities ascribed by the ancients to both the Tortoise and the Inukshuk.

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