Friday’s Small Comfort #4: Heartstrings

It should be no surprise that I love my family. Most of us do, of course. I have made it a point habit obsession to keep in touch with them as best I can given our wide-flung status. Facebook has been my mainstay since my siblings, my children, and now myself and my husband have migrated to far corners of our continent.

Credit: via Pinterest

Credit: via Pinterest

Most often the exchanges are frivolous and bordering on  absurd, just as they are when we are face to face. Sometimes we just exchange practicalities, like whose name was drawn by whom for the Christmas gift-giving, and occasionally we have those really important heart-to hearts that remind us just why we care so much for one another.

For all these reasons and more, I find the internet and social media to be a not-so-small comfort.

2 thoughts on “Friday’s Small Comfort #4: Heartstrings

  1. I liked the quote, funny 😀 I resisted Facebook for so long. But now I admit that at least I get pictures of relatives that are not close by and reminders of people’s birthdays ( I am bad about remembering birthday dates). It is a easier way to keep in touch.


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