Friday’s Small Comfort #2: For Those Chilly Mornings


Autumn is upon us, and sunny golden days or not, those days start and end with a chill. Our trailer has a propane furnace in perfect working order, but we only use it when we have no access to an outside source of electricity, and even then we can usually get our little electric space heater going on a combination of solar and battery power. This most recent incarnation of the space heater is a loaner from a family member, and has been invaluable, especially as it usually sits on the floor and my feet and ankles are the parts of my anatomy most affected by the cold. imageimage While the heater and coffee mug speak for themselves, and the socks as well, these socks are special to me. Loosely hand-knitted from soft alpaca wool in South America, they were brought back from either Peru or Ecuador by my son 5 years ago. You know how it is when you travel and pick up things everywhere in a flurry of shopping. Anyway, glamourous they are not, but they are my go-to hose at those times when I am sitting about the house and need to keep warm.  On especially frigid evenings I have been known to tuck my PJ bottoms into them before tucking myself into my bed. I do not wear them out of the house, as they are too bulky to fit in my shoes, and do not fit the aesthetic I expect of myself outside my walls. They are cozy and soft on my skin, and loose enough to pool around my ankles in a delicate embrace. No elastic means no impediment to circulation or comfort, and the natural fibre means my tootsies don’t sweat or burn like they do in synthetic socks. In short, I love my house socks and find them to be more than a small comfort.

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