Tuesday Try This #9: Smooth Move

imageI am sure you have all seen this on Facebook, Pinterest or wherever you go to research the many ways other folks entertain themselves. I have seen it several times as well and each time I have thought, “Hey, that looks good, and so easy. I will have to try that sometime.” Yesterday was that sometime for making caramel sauce from a can of sweetened condensed milk, and yes, it is easy, and it does work.

Given that our electric power derives largely from a very loud and smelly generator or solar panels that, alas, are only at their peak when it is very sunny, I wanted to find a way to do this without the use of my slow cooker. Enter internet search under the rather cumbersome search word caramel from sweetened condensed milk with slow cooker. This search led me to a sweet blog called Taming Twins, in which it is explained just how to work this alchemical miracle, with or without an electric appliance.

My first batch is currently the luscious middle layer of what is destined to be a rocking chocolate caramel brownie cake to be enjoyed at tonight’s pot luck dinner. And in more good news, the sun will return to its rightful place in the sky above Quartzsite tomorrow as well.

It’s the Tuesday before Christmas. I know you can find a use for some caramel sauce.


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